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MBU | Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance 

Capital Raising 

As an independent Investment Bank, we can provide financing solutions to corporates, by tapping into an exclusive network of both private and institutional investors.



Our position in the heart of an exclusive investment community provides vast experience in direct investment opportunities, as well as interesting and challenging advisory projects.


Financial & Strategic Support 
Bringing together the best of capital markets experts, private-equity veterans, leading management consultants and legal advisers, at MBU Capital we have built a team ready to take on any challenge relating to direct investments, private equity deals and merger or acquisitions.

With our extensive knowledge of financial products, derivative instruments, Sharia financing or otherwise, securitised or collateralised debt and equity structures, we’re confident in always being able to find an answer to every challenge.

At MBU we strive to provide strategic Corporate Finance advice tailored to clients needs. We have a strong track record of raising funds for our clients such as high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors, family offices, private investors. De-risking is a critical element of our value-add proposition whether it’s a corporate finance solution or an investment proposition. Investment opportunities offered by us and the strategic advice is carried out through careful quantitative and qualitative due-diligence by our specialist analysts.

Some of our Corporate Finance services include :

Fund Raising

Deal Structuring

Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial Restructuring

Private Equity Placements

Market Listings/IPO’s

Corporate Valuations

Company Formation

Client & Investor Mandates 
We only take on a mandate or target investors where we feel comfortable with the risks and returns of an investment proposition and able to add strategic value.By factoring global economic and geo-political landscapes and wide-ranging market dynamics, our team are trained to look beyond the obvious when structuring and executing deals.

By partnering with MBU Capital for your Corporate Finance needs, you can expect a highly personalised service delivered by motivated and experienced professionals.

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