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Real Estate Overview

At MBU our real estate strategies are both thematic and opportunist. Our competitive advantage stems from the way in which we view and structure investments to best meet our risk and liquidity objectives while striving to maximise value for MBU, our investors and the communities in which we work.

We invest in development projects and operational real estate with a focus on institutional quality accommodation assets in the south east and major regional cities. The strategy to focus on accommodation is strongly influenced by our medium-term real estate outlook. We expect significant changes in land use between commercial real estate asset classes in the coming years and a contrasting stability in accommodation-based sectors. But beyond this strategy we will also consider any opportunity where we see the potential for extraordinary returns.

MBU employ capital in development as a full-service developer with deep expertise in, site selection, structuring, funding, and development management through the project lifecycle. We have a multi-disciplined core team in place who in turn leverage on the skills and experience of the wider firm and key advisor relationships.

Our investment property strategy is executed through both a traditional fund structure where we act as a GP or advisor and as a bespoke service to individual clients where we source, structure, and manage investment for investors to best meet their risk and liquidity needs.

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Our Core Businesses

  • BTR
  • Co-Living
  • PBSA
  • Looking to acquire existing PBSA stock near Russell group universities.
  • Fund to formally launch in coming few months.
    • We manage a portfolio of High yielding income generating assets for our HNI network

    Many potentially interesting real estate opportunities may not typically fit our current investment mandate or criteria in line with MBU’s risk policies. However, having the flexibility, we are happy to explore opportunistic deals on a deal by deal basis given the current market conditions.

    At MBU, we know that each project has a unique story and an expected return that is commensurate with its level of risk.

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