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Investing Together

At MBU Capital, we build partnerships with entrepreneurs, private investors and institutional clients who are seeking to maximise returns


MBU Capital offers a wide range of investment strategies, suited to the aims and needs of private investors, family offices and institutional (or semi-institutional) investors. Having a dedicated in-house research team allows us to carry out deep due diligence and personally investigate any assets we invest in.

MBU Capital invests in three core asset classes being Real Estate, Capital Markets & Private Equity.

As a global investment management firm we are committed to providing sophisticated clients, ultra-high net worth individuals and institutional clients with superior asset management solutions and services. While we are open to working with anyone who can offer value to us at MBU Capital,  we generally have two types of investors: private, and institutional.

Entrepreneurs and private investors are an integral part of our business model and we always aim to develop long term relationships in the form of joint venture partnerships where possible. With such partnerships comes the ability to leverage diverse skill sets and knowledge, to deliver the best possible outcome for investors and partners alike.

This means we operate without the constraints – and excuses – that come with trying to match or mimic the performance of market benchmarks. Instead, we try to protect and grow the wealth of all our clients over the long term, while protecting them from the panic and stress that come with market crashes or instability.

If you are a business, organisation, private wealth management company, family office, pension fund or other type of institutional investor, MBU Capital can provide you with tailor-made products and investment vehicles in the area of impact investing primarily in Real Estate. See MBU ROIF.

Our investment culture promotes freedom of thought amongst our management team and encourages us to handle each and every investment opportunity in line with their individual styles, subject to mandate restrictions and risk requirements.

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