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Education Overview

The education team seeks to own and operate K12 and higher education businesses across the world. We aim to leverage our experience in the education and finance sectors to reinvigorate and transform our schools and universities for the better.

We are an investor and operator of independent schools, colleges and universities across the world, offering high-quality affordable English-language based teaching of local and English National curricula.

A Strategy for Education

Our Mission

MBU Education aims to be the largest portfolio of English language-based schools and universities in the world, offering young people an exceptional education and excellent global opportunities during and after each stage of their educational journey. MBU schools and universities implement best practice teaching methods alongside world renowned British standards to become beacons of academic excellence in our chosen geographies.

Our Vision

MBU Education has a vision to achieve the following: To provide the tools and skills to ours tudents to enable them to succeed. The education team is committed to providing its students with the necessary tools to create opportunity. MBU Education continues to provide full scholarships to a percentage of students studying at our schools and universities.

Our global family of schools and universities allows our students and teachers to benefit from transferrable knowledge, as well as teaching and learning methodology.

Our Values

We invest in the future of young people. Our values are those that are shared by many world leaders today, who have been advocating and include values such as human rights, religious pluralism, general equality, environmental protection, alleviation of poverty, humanitarian aid, prevention of conflicts and preservation of cultural diversity.

As students at our schools and universities, our shared values guide us to develop strategies to create lasting change. These strategies could be as simple as learning more about the things which we buy, travelling sustainably, volunteering in our local communities, reading widely and getting involved in politics, as well as actively seeking new opportunities in different cultures and communities.

Our History

MBU Capital was an established real estate and advisory firm with a vision for good. With a senior management team that understood control and governance within a growing business, it looked to new sectors for positive investment opportunities.

One such investment opportunity was in the Education sector in Emerging Markets. MBU learnt that access to high quality education was getting harder even though Emerging Markets were getting more affluent. MBU sought to buy and operate private schools and universities in emerging markets with adding significant value operationally and financially whilst improving the educational quality.

A Team with Experience and Vision

To develop the MBU Education offering, we established a senior management team comprising a head of education, a head of finance and a head of emerging markets. Each hire was selected for their experience and their knowledge and was supported by a team of analysts and operational staff.

The MBU Education journey only began 24 months ago. Since then, we have acquired, managed and exited:

  • A portfolio of 46 schools and two universities in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, which had over 18,000 students in total. For the acquisition, MBU established a Luxembourg based fund, raised equity and debt financing of circa £50m and managed the assets before a successful exit of the entire structure.
  • Acquired a leading private university in Nigeria with over 3,000 students in December 2018. MBU invested circa £45m through a combination of Debt and Equity, made structural and operational changes which boosted course offerings and increased student intake by almost 800, an increase of 26%. Whilst the intention was to retain ownership of this institution, a multi-billion dollar London based Private Equity Fund, who has a substantial footprint in the education in Africa, made MBU an offer to purchase the university, which was reluctantly accepted. This crystallised a substantial profit on its investment.

MBU is currently in advanced discussions to acquire a portfolio of 49 schools and 2 universities across Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East for an acquisition price of £120m+. This will be a long-term strategy for MBU, in which we are looking to consolidate a much larger portfolio of schools and universities with an exit in the next 5-7 years through a stock market listing.

For each business line, we make sure we have the right experts that can lead our business. Each business has its own governance and control functions and although they are managed as individual businesses, the senior management team ensure group-wide risk assessment and control.

MBU Education Development Timeline

October 2017

MBU sets up Education Investment Fund

January 2018

Acquisition of 46 schools & 2 universities

October 2018

Offer received for the acquisition of MBU Education Investment Fund

November 2018

Successful exit of MBU education investment fund

December 2018

MBU acquires leading private university in Nigeria

August 2019

MBU enters into equity partnership with billion dollar private equity firm

September 2019

MBU looks to build a new global education business

June 2020

Currently secured £120m portfolio of 49 Schools and 2 Universities across Africa & Central Asia

Other Services Provided:

School / University advisory services

MBU Education offer academic advice to other schools and universities globally in order to improve their standards of teaching and academic attainment. We provide management and financial advice, allowing schools and universities to operate efficiently.

Teacher Recruitment

MBU recruit native English - speaking expat teachers to teach across all continents in the world.

Management Services

MBU partner up with school and university owners to help actively operate and manage their education establishments.

Financial Services

MBU provide debt and equity finance to Schools and Universities at a group or individual school-level.

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