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MBU | Vision, Missions & Values

Vision, Missions & Values 

These MBU values define what we stand for everywhere we do business. They are reflected in our behaviour and the way we build relationships and deliver value to all our clients. Guided by our shared values and united in a common purpose, we can achieve our strategic goals and accomplish great results. Our values, especially our Value of Integrity, and Code of Conduct guide us and set expectations for ethical behaviour and decision-making. They help us decide how we serve our clients and deal with each other with respect, transparency and fairness.

We have a strong culture of integrity grounded in our Code of Conduct, which broadly addresses a variety of ethical and legal concerns that we face on a day-to-day basis. Our Code of Conduct is a set of written standards that make explicit our expectations regarding integrity and ethical behaviour. It applies to everyone who performs work for, or on behalf for, MBU and it touches on all areas of workplace governance.

Our Values

Clients First

We will always strive to be our clients’ first choice. We put client needs above our own, whatever the role, to build lasting relationships.


We work as a single unit: sharing knowledge, experience and insight, to learn and achieve more together. With this, we recognise beneficial opportunities and deliver bespoke solutions for clients.


We take ownership of personal and collective performance; carrying out comprehensive in-house auditing of information to ensure the growing team remains at optimal capacity.

Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace diversity for innovation and growth, through seeking out and respecting different perspectives to challenge conventional approaches.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards to build trust. Integrity can be regarded as acting according to one’s values, beliefs and principles. Financial services companies depend on a foundation of trust and effective risk management for long term success. We operate with high levels of integrity that allow us to provide the best value and advice to our clients, assisting them to realize their financial goals.

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