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Alternative Investment

Improve Investment Performance 

Capital Market Portfolio Advisory and Risk Management

At MBU we typically raise funds from investors such as family offices, high net worth individuals and financial institutions. The funds we raised are used to capitalise on investment opportunities predominantly focused on the real estate sector.

Our strategy focuses on locations in the periphery of London that offer a higher yield than central London and that have been overlooked by other investors. By doing so we uncover the intrinsic values of these areas and deliver very attractive results to clients exceeding expectations.

Investment Management 

Traditionally, MBU Capital is founded by leading Investment Banking and Hedge-Fund experts. As such, our team have exemplary experience in constructing and optimising investment portfolios across the entire asset class universe.

We’re able to extend our institutional access, advanced trading and reporting systems to help family-offices, trusts, endowments and high-net-worth individuals fine tune their investment portfolios, maximise returns and efficiency whilst minimising risks.

Our Approach 

At MBU-Capital we take the time to understand everything about our clients business and by adopting a well defined process we ensure that we can provide the best possible solution. With the MBU-Capital approach, you get all the control without any of the hassle and we’re always at hand for every step of the way. When it comes to building and managing investment portfolios, you can simply sit back and relax while our experienced investment professionals put together and advise on robust and diversified portfolios.

Our founding partners and core team have extensive experience and expertise in helping construct portfolios as well as sourcing, analysing and selecting alternative investment strategies and opportunities.

MBU-Capital provides objective information and analysis, and has no financial affiliations with any particular banking group. We employ an innovative, forward thinking approach to asset allocation, including the use of alternatives, and work with each client to create a customized approach catering to unique circumstances and client specific risk tolerances.

A disciplined, quantitative and qualitative approach with proprietary tools and a centralised institutional investment process allows MBU-Capital to “partner” with its clients. We aim to provide the most appropriate portfolio recommendations and solutions based on client needs or can offer a suite of tools and services that organizations can access to help differentiate and enhance their own investment platform.

Asset Allocation – we work to create strategic long-term model portfolios based on: 

Market Assumptions

Returns vs Risk

Time Horizon

Liquidity Needs

Risk Tolerance

Current vs Future Income

After Tax Returns


When building portfolios, we like to understand the actual risk exposures for different asset classes. While vehicles and liquidity are ultimately a consideration, the most important part of the analysis is understanding how an investment is expected to behave. For this, we make use of sophisticated modeling systems and market stress testing tools.

Once the strategic model portfolios are developed, we tactically make rebalancing and over/under weight recommendations based on our nearer term outlook for markets.

We will also look to capitalise on or defend against thematic trends in the market for potential high-yielding returns or capital preservation opportunities. For example, we might recommend an investment in real assets to take advantage of a potential future inflationary environment while also allocating to Treasuries to defend against deflation.

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