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Collaboration for Optimal Performance 

We actively seek great entrepreneurs, with whom we can complete projects as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The inception of MBU Capital came from great entrepreneurship and collaboration – working with several groups of seasoned professionals across the financial sectors, to bring such elevated investments to the strong, extensive network of clients at MBU. Entrepreneurs are an integral part of our business model, and we always aim to develop long term relationships, in the form of joint venture partnerships. With such partnerships comes the ability to leverage diverse skill sets and knowledge, to deliver the best possible outcome for investors and partners alike.

Working with You 

This entrepreneur-driven business model has already proven to be a success – in both developments and other income-generating strategies such as the Regional Office & Industrials Fund (ROIF). As such, we recognise the importance of true value-adding partners, and aim to further expand the network of professionals with which we work.

Our Criteria

If you’d like to explore a joint venture partnership or other opportunities to work with us at MBU Capital, please get in touch.


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