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MBU | Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate & Social Responsibility 

Corporate Social Responsibility is in the heart of our organisation as reflected in our corporate vision. Thinking on the basis of sustainable value for the future means opting for quality over quantity and transparency for the benefit of all stakeholders. At MBU Capital, we aim to be the respected investor and manager of institutional and private money with the highest degree of confidence due to our socially responsible corporate behaviour which is the base for all our decisions.

To anchor our beliefs in the day-to-day business, MBU Capital has policies and activities defined amongst 4 core themes:

Sustainable real assets; Ethical business practices; Responsible operations; Social commitment.

What We Support

Ethical Business Practices

MBU Capital places integrity at the heart of its daily operations. Our socially responsible corporate behaviour is the basis for all our decisions. We are transparent in our business operations towards all clients. We aim to be compliant with industry guidelines & our communication about products, cost structure, risks and opportunities are clearly defined. The decision-making process, revenues and underlying assumptions are openly and clearly communicated. Through internal policy documents and procedures MBU Capital implements its ethical business practices through:

• Code of Conduct
• Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Policy

Social Commitment

MBU Capital considers ‘social commitment’ as the organisation’s dedication to making a positive contribution to society as a whole. These are shown through specific donations of good underlying causes for the benefit of people and society.

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